Detroit Lions Admin | Detroit Lions -

Staff Members

Executive Assistants

  • Margaret Gramlich Executive Assistant, Ownership/President and CEO
  • Stephanie Gerrity Executive Assistant, Business Development
  • Ciara Eazsol Executive Assistant, Revenue & Analytics
  • Juliana Ferrandino Executive Assistant, Corporate Partnerships & Marketing
  • Carissa Bell Executive Assistant, Administration & Finance

Medical Staff

  • Brett Fischer Director of Player Health and Performance
  • Mike Sundeen Head Athletic Trainer
  • Joe Recknagel Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Billy Langston Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Matt Barnes Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Nick Thomas Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Austin Daus Physical Therapist
  • T. Sean Lynch, M.D. Team Physician – Orthopaedist
  • William Acker, M.D. Team Physician - Orthopaedist
  • Kyle Anderson, M.D. Team Physician - Orthopaedist
  • Eric Makhni, M.D Team Physician - Orthopaedist
  • Brad Jaskulka, M.D. Team Physician - Internist
  • Robert Albers, M.D. Team Physician – Internist
  • Michael Workings, M.D. Team Physician - Internist
  • Dr. David Silbert Chiropractor
  • Chet Regula, D.M.D. Team Dentist
  • Kevin Everett, M.D. Team Physician - Ophthalmologist

Player Wellness

Player Performance

Team Operations


Video Operations

Football Information

  • Levi Wilson Director of Football Systems
  • Paul Bargerstock Football Systems Developer
  • Caio Brighenti Manager, Football Information
  • Toby Junker Football Information Assistant
  • Edward Cho Football Systems Jr. Developer


  • Elton Moore Director of Security
  • Tevin Kellum Security Assistant


  • Eric Bryan Head Groundskeeper
  • Travis McKenna Senior Groundskeeping Assistant
  • Alex Valentine Groundskeeping Assistant
  • Seth Boster Groundskeeping Assistant

People Team

  • Amy Lemon Senior Director, People
  • Eric McCloud Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Veronica Bonner Senior Manager, People Operations
  • Melica Fobear People Team Coordinator
  • Maddie Boewe Talent Acquisition Manager


  • Lauren Willis Staff Accountant
  • Rachel Riedel Payroll Specialist

Office Support

  • Hawanya Quarles Receptionist


  • Charlie Coffin Director of Facilities
  • Ken Van Hevel Building Engineer
  • Travis Gosselin Facility Manager
  • Scott Slotnick Facilities Assistant

Information Technology

  • Mark Wilke IT Manager
  • Brett Alfano Systems Administrator
  • Keenan McCloskey Network Administrator
  • James Green Solutions Architect
  • Jack Callahan Information Security Analyst

Community Relations

  • Maurice Pearson Manager of Player & Alumni Relations
  • Terrance Thomas Foundation Program Officer
  • Jordan VanRemmen Internal Community Coordinator

Corporate Communications

  • Ellen Trudell Senior Manager, Corporate and Employee Communication
  • Haley Prappas Internal Communications Coordinator

Football Communications

  • Eamonn Reynolds Director of Football Communications
  • Solomon Williams Senior Manager, Football Communications
  • Greg Maiola   Media Information Manager
  • Ellie Cross Football Communications Assistant

One Pride Productions

  • Todd Marcy Senior Director of Digital Operations
  • Stuart Zaas Director of Digital Media
  • Devon Doxey Director of Content Production
  • Lindsay Miller Managing Director of
  • Neil Larson Senior Producer
  • Derek Heitman Senior Producer & Live Production Coordinator
  • Maxwell Hahn Producer
  • Erin Gibson Producer
  • Andrew Feeley Producer
  • Lauren Harper Social Media Manager
  • PJ Clark Digital Media Coordinator
  • Rebecca Katz Social Media Producer
  • Jessica Van Fleteren  Asset Manager
  • Dannie Rogers Team Reporter
  • Tim Twentyman Lead Writer,
  • Mike O'Hara Columnist / Freelance Writer

Ford Field Staff

Corporate Partnerships

  • Natalie DiMaggio Director of Partnership Marketing and Activation
  • Leah Emmons Director of Partnership Solutions
  • Albert Powell Corporate Partnerships Sales Director
  • Alexandria Slack Activation Account Manager
  • Chloe Laniado Activation Account Manager
  • Richard Grimshaw Activation Account Manager

Ticket Sales

Ticket Operations

  • Regis Bane Executive Director of Ticketing Technology & Operations
  • Eric Frisbee Senior Manager of Ticketing Systems and Technology
  • Lance Powser Ticket Office Supervisor
  • Matt Curl Ticket Operations Supervisor

Strategy & Analytics

  • Alexander Ballew Director of Data Strategy & Insights
  • Scott Howland Senior Manager of CRM & Research
  • Ben Braden Director of Advanced Analytics
  • Joseph Wysocki Manager of Advanced Analytics
  • Ryan Sullivan Email Marketing Manager
  • Amanda Moss Strategy Manager
  • Bryan Blair CRM Manager
  • Adam Beaudet Data Visualization Analyst
  • Aditi Gaikwad Business Analyst


  • Brad Michaels Executive Director of Quick Lane Bowl & Events
  • Tamarah Tabor Director of Quick Lane Bowl & Events
  • Nate Sass Event Manager
  • Logan Novak Event Coordinator
  • Seth Williams Event Coordinator
  • Sarah Young Events Assistant and Administrator


  • Matthew Brenner Senior Director of Finance
  • Ashley Gentile Staff Accountant
  • Nick Legarski Senior Financial Analyst
  • Molly Walters Accounting Analyst


  • Jeremy Smoker Executive Director of Content & Production
  • Ashley Strauss Creative Director
  • Jeff Nguyen Team Photographer & Assistant Creative Director
  • Andrew Frey Director of Marketing Events
  • Samantha Barney Director of Marketing
  • Eric Morrow Digital Marketing Manager
  • Joshua Mandujano Graphic Design Coordinator
  • Dom Veurink Lead Designer
  • Katie Quinlan Graphic Design Coordinator
  • Anna Dabaldo Marketing Coordinator


  • Kim Pickett Receptionist

Cheerleading & Entertainment

  • Rebecca Smoker Director of Entertainment
  • Jordan Haag Entertainment Manager

One Pride Productions

  • Edward Clark Director of Production & Broadcasting Operations
  • Jessica Shlemon Manager, Game & Event Production
  • Matt Kaminski Game & Event Presentation Manager
  • Matthew Murto Manager, Production & Broadcasting Operations
  • Deshon Davis Coordinator, Game & Event Production
  • Ben Morgan Game & Event Production Coordinator


  • Carl Moll Director of Broadcasting


  • Laurie Clayton Director of Facility Services
  • Kristen Dale Senior Director of Operations
  • Fred Reddig Director of Facilities
  • Jamie Bragenzer Director Commercial Real Estate & Project Management
  • Ryan Marut Senior Manager of Operations
  • Stephen Rafferty Stadium Operations Coordinator
  • Nisha Collins Stadium Operations Coordinator
  • Rick Coldwell Housekeeping & Conversions Supervisor
  • Tony Fisti Conversions Supervisor
  • Kyle Glaser Operations and Conversions Manager
  • Denzel Jones Conversions Coordinator
  • Lencare Sanders Shipping & Receiving Coordinator
  • Andi Opari HVAC Technician
  • Joe Whitus HVAC Technician
  • Jeremy Jackson Stadium Operations Maintenance Technician
  • Brandon Arnold Maintenance Operations Technician
  • Patrick Craig Maintenance Operations
  • Sean Craig Maintenance Operations
  • Paul Kurdi Maintenance Operations
  • John Zmick Maintenance Operations
  • Wayne Stevens Maintenance Operations


  • Darren Johnson Director of Security